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| Specific Features

The production and sue of the most of washing reagents, such as Freon and chloride class solvents, which have widely been used are regulated due to the problems to global environment such as ozone diplomats, contamination of underground water, and deterioration of working environment and the regulation is in strengthening trend. Therefore, Hanshin Ultrasonic developed and produced alternative washers using hydrocarbon solvents that are not influenced by such regulations

| Security Apparatus

  • Level Alarm: A Level Alarm is installed to maintain the liquid level needed in regeneration at the optimum level always.
  • Thermocontroller: A thermocontroller is designed to disconnect the power in unstable condition through automatic adjustment of boiling points because the evaporation points of different depending upon the kinds of organic solvents.
  • Cooling water alarm: A thermal detection switch is installed for safety so that the cooling status may be maintained at designated temperature in the process that evaporated washing reagent is liquified.
  • Thermometer: A thermometers are installed to check the temperature of the solvent in the tanks.
  • Water separator: A large-capacity water separator is installed for perfect removal of moisture from the solvent.

| Specifications

Model Dimension Regeneration
cooling Water
(In=15℃ Out=40℃)
Heater capacity
HS- 30 840 840 1350 500 390 30ℓ / Hr 400ℓ /Hr 3/4 Kw
HS - 50 840 640 1350 300 390 50ℓ / Hr 700ℓ /Hr 4/6 Kw
HS - 100 920 860 1350 570 550 100ℓ / Hr 1100ℓ /Hr 9/12 Kw
HS - 200 Depends on Main System 200ℓ / Hr 2200ℓ /Hr 18/24 Kw
Model Electric Power Incidental Facilities
HS - 30 3Φ220V A
  • Contamination Alarm
  • Level Alarm
HS - 50 3Φ220V A
HS - 100 3Φ220V A
HS - 200 3Φ220V A